Monday, May 30, 2011

London: Design Museum

From Shad Thames, we walked to the Design Museum which is also in the area. This museum is cool and the shop was my favorite part.  There were so many cool things I wanted to buy there.  Check out their shop.

There were many interesting design books and one of my favorites books is this one above.  They also sold this cool light bulb below, kind of pricey though but still awesome. 

London: Shad Thames

From the Tower Hill station we crossed the London Tower Bridge into the Bermondsey area which was south of the Thames.

Coming off from the Tower Bridge, we noticed this small street with many people going in the direction toward the street, so we decided to check it out. We walked through this small tunnel and stumbled upon a  cool small street/alley with many coffee shops, eateries and small stores.  The buildings were tall with many bridges connecting them together and the streets were all cobblestone.  The name of the street is Shad Thames and I wouldn't mind living here. Just a cool place to hang out in if you're ever near Tower Bridge.

Good Morning London

After a long trip with delays going to London, it was nice to wake up to a nice sunrise in London.

Our room had these cool letters above our bed, very cool.

We stayed at Nana's sister's place in North London by Green Lanes.  I love the window frames behind the couch.  They have many cool items which I adore.

We were stuck in the Barbican tube station, we waited forever for the Circle line to come so we could go to Tower Hill.   Apparently we found out later that the Circle line is one of the worst lines in London.  So we tried to avoid this line for the rest of our trip.

Coming out of Tower Hill, this building was the first thing that caught my eye. Finally, something cool to take pictures of. Unfortunately I didn't know what this building was called or used for, but definitely cool though.

Sky View

On the way to London via Calgary and we passed by Mount St. Helens.  I was lucky to get a chance to photograph St. Helens from the top because I've only ever seen it from the ground view.  The only time I've visited Mount St. Helens was when I was in 6th grade. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Port Ops May

One of the few places in Portland that still have old cobble brick roads is in the Pearl.  This one feature reminds me of Europe and has that old city feeling.

Hmm.  Paper branches, maybe I can make them. 

I love this lamp, very cool. 

Yes, this is in Portland, not Boston.

Uptown Portland.

Graphic USA

When we were in New York, we had a chance to attend a local book launch event for the design book Graphic USA.  It was cool because we got to see many local designers from New York and as well as the ones that contributed to the book.  The launch took place in the local Cherner Design studio in SOHO and I immediately wanted to live there.  The studio was so cool with many books on the wall, simple layout and all the design gadgetry you can possibly dream of.  Graphic USA was designed by my sister in law, Lisa and Joana from Studio April which they did an amazing job with the book.  The book provides sort of a locals or an artsy person's perspective guide to many major cities in the states and Portland is also in it.  Great book, awesome design, check it out. 

It was a cool event, we got to meet many of the locals and overall cool people.  The book is great, and also check out their previous Graphic Europe book also. 

Random & Portland

Anthropologie, Pearl District

 Abandoned bicycle, Uptown

Aww, good dog!!! How do people train dogs to walk off leash in the city?  My dog Keila would run rampage all over the place like a wild dog.

I'm a visual person and cool designs always attract me to it, like this one and the one below.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Around the Port

It's nice to finally walk around Portland when the weather is nice.  The rainy season is notorious in Portland but when the weather is nice, I won't complain.  I'm always happier with nicer weather.  

Apparently someone is a fork person.

The newest part of Portland.

Some people chilling from PNCA out on the streets like the old times. 

Some old looking books. I wouldn't mind having them for decor.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Goodwill Finds in May

Here are some cool items that we found in Goodwill this month.  Above is this cool decorative cup with the number nine on it.  I was really excited that I found this piece because we actually found the same exact cup with a number two on it about a year ago at Anthropologie.  All they had at that time was number two, and we found the number nine now.  Cool.  We got this cup for $1.99.

We also found this cool jug that we used as a decor and my favorite part of it is the word one litre on it.  We got this for $2.99.

Last we found this cool off white plant looking wall decor. We didn't know at first how to incorporate it into our place, so we just stuck it on our fireplace mantel and it actually turned out nice. So there you go. We got it for $2.99.

Blake in Nob Hill

Wow, apparently one of my favorite Portland clothing stores has changed location and they've done a great job with their new place in uptown. Blake is truly one of the coolest places to go to in Portland if you like shopping. What's really cool about Blake is that they sell their decor also. So if you like it, you can buy it.  Blake is also one of the few stores in Portland that carry my all time favorite brand, G-Star Raw.  Yes, they also carry women's G-Star clothing which is the first that I've seen in Portland. 

I love this bicycle. Great piece for decor.

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