Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walk on the Urban

This series of pictures is from a recent walk in the Pearl a couple weeks ago.  I liked the whole look of the garage door with the building.  The lower green portion of the brick wall gives a nice accent.
 I thought this was a cool setup of accented bricks to make the wall look more interesting.  It goes well with the pipes also.
I was kneeling to take pictures of the meter and my dog Keila decided to chill on the ground since I took a long time.  I don't she realized I stood up for about 20 secs.
 I love taking pictures of pipes.
There was this Chihuahua chilling in front of his master's studio.  Getting some tan.
 I like the 2 color contrast of this wall against the asphalt of the parking lot.  The grunge look of the wall with the sign is a perfect combination of turning an industrial zone into a commercial zone.
Keila chilling again while we take a coffee break.

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