Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Portland Issue#1

A while ago, Nana and I were driving around south east Portland randomly turning left and right every other block until a couple vintage stores caught our eyes.  We had to stop and check these places out because we're into a phase in our lives where we like old vintage pieces and items.  It's nice to find these kinds of places because it makes Portland more attractive, but bad because it makes us want to spend all our money on antique/vintage pieces.

The place above is called the White Rabbit Vintage Furniture.  We found this place on the historic Belmont Street.  The store isn't too big but they carry a lot of nice items that I was drooling over. 

The second vintage place we went to is called the House of Vintage in Hawthorne (below).  This place in my opinion is the biggest vintage store in Portland, I could be wrong but I say it's the biggest because we kept going into these small rooms that led to another room and so on...  It took us a good hour just to walk through the place with just skimming through the items.  To look at every single thing would probably take us closer to three hours to finish.  Anyways, both places are amazing, if you like these kind of places, please shop there and support them. 

The usual pieces that catch my eyes are bottles, vintage cameras and posters.


  1. Hey, thanks for visiting White Rabbit Vintage--glad you like it! Next time you or your readers hop in, ask for a 20% off coupon (free)!

  2. Thanks for the comment, I'll tell all my friends to come to your store.


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