Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hawthorne Heights

Last week Nana, Keila and I had a chance to hang out in the Hawthorne neighborhood.  We walked around and checked some stores, hung out in Fat Straw and finally ended on a high note in the top of Hawthorne which is a part of Mt. Tabor.  This series are some pictures from Mt. Tabor overlooking Hawthorne Blvd.  I love the downtown in the background of Hawthorne.
Nana and Keila as models.  I love Keila's expression when she saw me. 
 Flora on a branch.
Nana wearing the G-Star jacket we found in Goodwill.  It's in one of the Goodwill post in November
Going for a power walk while it's 35degrees outside.  Cold!!!
Keila always enjoy walking around Portland.  Especially in SE Portland because there are lots of squirrels in the area.
On the blur.

On the Burnside/Old Town Border

Above:  Cool wall abstract display.

Working on the heights.
 Some weird metal art.
Love the bottle display.

View from the Hill

I love looking at the OHSU tram docking building.  The whole structure is art and not in the usual shape.  Very inspiring for me.
I love bridges, and fortunately for me, Portland is a city of bridges.  There are 13 main bridges in the Multnomah county alone and probably more that I'm unaware of. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cargo Inc.

Cargo is probably one of my favorites store to go to in the Pearl.  They have many cool things for display or decor.  If you haven't been there before, you should.  It's an experience.
I don't know what they call this thing, but in Indonesia it's called a "becak," (pronounced: beh chalk)
 Here's another becak.
Vintage poker chips and letter D stamp
Mahjong tiles.

Goodwill Outlet Hunting

We were so amazed at what we found in the Goodwill outlet in the previous Goodwill post that we decided to go there again.  This will be the second time we go in a week.  Here are the things we got.  
We got a big zip lock full of wine corks.  A good filler type of decor.
We use this as a candy jar.

Drinking glass

For display purposes. 1960.
This is probably my favorite item.  A cool laptop bag. 
Vintage leather bag. 
Vintage suit case.

Sun Breaking in the Hill

Last week it was very cloudy throughout Portland with occasional sun breaks every so often.  This was the view from my work place when I caught a sun break in the hills.  Sweet. 

Stand in the Pearl

Stand out in the rain.  Yes, let's do it and get drenched in the Portland rain. 
Pie company, in the Pearl.
I love this warehouse front.
Oregon Transfer Co.

Street Shapes

This was pretty random but I just noticed these shapes on the ground in this one stretch of street.  Funky!!

In the NW Part of Town

I got a chance to walk around the Nob Hill/Alphabet District area and here are some cool things I saw.
I love numbers.
Some classic Portland homes. 
The metal building.

Some more cool Portland style houses.

Bike Issue 01.1

I saw this cool classic bicycle around the King Hill area.
An awesome Univega bicycle with a drop down handle. 
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