Monday, October 31, 2011

Morning Expressions

I've always been intrigue of how the time of the day affects a place, someone, or something. This series of pictures is called Morning Expressions and I tried to capture how the morning sun hits these plants and the unexpected effects it gives off.  I went out around 6:30 am to take these shots.  More expressions coming soon.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Goods

Here are some of our purchases we found over the late summer/fall time.  Above we found a set of childrens wooden deck chair which is super awesome for props purposes.  We got the pair for $32 from an antiques store in Beaverton.  The XYZ signs we got from Aurora Mills which is this awesome vintage/salvage shop in the small town of Aurora, OR.  The signs were $9 each.

We also got another childrens chair for props purposes or someday we may use it when we have kids for $10 from House of Vintage in Hawthorne.

This Ball glass jar full of buttons is one of my favorite finds.  We got it at a flea market in Aurora fro $5.  Usually the glass itself is already $8 and the buttons around $5, so my find was a steal.

Last, we got this glass decor piece from Anthropologie. I forgot how much it was, but it was on sale.

Aurora Mills

One of the main attractions in Aurora among other antique/vintage shops is this place called Aurora Mills.  They carry every thing you can imagine like vintage doors, window frames, letters, signs, glassware, etc...   I often hear of this place from local shop owners in Portland when I asked them where they got their decor pieces from.  So Aurora Mills definitely have the reputation of the go-to place for cool decor items if you have a shop.   Even the building itself is cool, that's why I took many pictures of it.   We ended up buying some vintage letter signs.

There were many cool signs that I wanted to buy.


Sunday, October 23, 2011


We had a chance to check out Aurora, a small city about 20 minutes south of Portland which has a killer reputation for hosting an awesome collection of antique and restoration shops.  We primarily went there also to check out the flea market they have.  I recommend those who are into old antiques to check out this town, especially if you're into vintage cameras and jars like me.  It's not a big town so don't expect anything too much but the 2 block main part of the city is where all the antique/vintage stores are located at.  There were many cool items and pieces that I really wanted to get.  Some shops are kind of pricy though but well worth checking out if you like these kind of stuff.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

South Waterfront Ops

Some time ago after work, I decided to take the street car home instead of the usual bus ride. When I got to the street car, I noticed right away that there were at least a hundred people surrounding the street car. I looked around puzzled and came to realize that there was a tv show shooting on the street car. The tv show was Grimm which I have never heard of. Anyways, it was pretty cool to see them work, but took me half an hour to get to the closes street car stop.

Bucket List Nation

I had the opportunity to write a little something about Portland for Bucket List Nation.  They are a city guide/travel inspiration site for people who likes to go out and explore new places.  I decided to write about the Mississippi and Williams Neighborhood.  The pictures in this post were featured at my piece about Portland.  Anyways, I get really excited when writing about cool places in Portland and I can't wait till I go out exploring again.  Please support me and Bucket List Nation by checking out the links below.  Thanks.

You can check out the full city guide at City Guide: Portland, OR

PNCA Display

I love the Fall PNCA design display at the Galleria.  Located in Yamhill and 11th.  Check it out.


My dog Keila is officially a nature dog.  I took her out to the field close to my place and the only thing she did while we were there was sniffing.  More specifically sniffing plants that remind me of pollen, because after a while my nose started to get itchy just watching her sniff like crazy.   Another day in Keila's life.

Nob Hill in the Fall

I don't go out to Nob Hill that much anymore, so the one time I went here I took some pictures around the neighborhood. I miss the laid-back relax atmosphere the area offers in the weekdays. Forget weekends though, crazy and chaos.

Beaumont Village

Beaumont Village holds a special place in my heart and definitely one of those places where I have lots of memories from in Portland.  Located in the heart of NE Portland and located on Fremont Street, Beaumont Village is a cozy neighborhood and one of the few places left where everyone knows everybody in the neighborhood.  This area is special because I use to work in the area for a good three years, in that time I met a lot of good people and friends. Though Beaumont Village isn't as big or as well developed as other neighborhoods like Alberta or Hawthorne, the village still has some awesome places to offer to you if you happen to be in the area. 

Here are some of my favorite places in Beaumont Village:
Red Fig - I use to go eat here 4 times a week, the teriyaki burger with peanut sauce is so good.
Amalfi's - their owner Kiauna is very nice.  The pizza here is one of the best in Portland.
Bumblekiss - the bacon tacos and swiss burger are awesome
Jim & Patty's Coffee (The original Coffee People) - yes people, still wanting Coffee People, just go here. 
Alameda Cafe - great breakfast and lunch cafe
Ristretto Roasters - this is their original location.  Their coffee is awesome.
Tuk Tuk - very good thai food here and portions are big.  The pad kee mao and lemongrass chicken is a must
Alameda Brewhouse - my favorite here is the seven barrel burger
Stanich's - you ever want to try giant burgers, then go here. The "special" and "glady's" are my favorites.
Eclectic Kitchen - they have good breakfast food here, my favorite is the country burrito.


Red Fig

Forest Park

One of the coolest things about Portland is the huge Forest Park located in the hill above downtown Portland. My wife and I decided to take a hike starting from the Lower MacLeay location and walked about an hour into the Forest Park. I definitely recommend going here and checking the nature side of Portland if you want to get away from the city.  The Forest Park is definitely one of my favorite places to go to in Portland.

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