Saturday, December 31, 2011

What A Year

This year was great!!  Keila bids farewell to 2011 and a hello to an awesome 2012.

Portland Bazaar

One of the coolest events I went to this year would have to be Portland Bazaar.  I so glad that Grace Bonney of Design Sponge decided to team up with some people in Portland to start this event.  Portland has truly become an awesome city and I can't wait what will come up in the next couple of years.   The location of the bazaar is in some studio in NE Portland and all types of local vendors showed up to display their best work.  I was surprised that there were many local shops and businesses that I've never heard before.  I thought I knew a lot about Portland, but I guess not.  This makes me want to explore Portland even more.

There were many local craftsmen that made awesome chairs and tables. Kind of pricey though.

This teepee in the corner of the space was awesome.  I love it how there's a family just chilling inside it while listening to some indie music.

Woodblock Chocolate, their chocolates are good.

My favorite vendor at the bazaar was Shwood.  They make these cool wooden sunglasses.  Pure awesomeness.

I love the teepee inspired vendor booth.

These bags are so awesome. Check them out at Sketchbook Crafts

This bicycle is nice. Walnut makes all kinds of accessories for bicycles.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mission on Burnside

Lately I had a chance to just take my time and walk around random parts of Portland and document interesting things I see around the city. This is what I started with this blog when I first started and I'll try to keep posting about Portland as best as I can. This series of pictures was taken on my walk around the Burnside area on the East side of the river.  The red building above isn't actually tilting, it's just a photo technique.

One of the coolest landmark in Portland is the Doug Fir which includes the eating area, the concert venue and the Jupiter motel. The Doug Fir compound is one of the go-to hangout areas for the modern hippies.

Burnside is really earning the reputation for having some of the coolest collection of local shops around Portland such as vintage/used clothing stores, home goods, music shops, etc...

Some of my favorite places around Burnside are:
- Doug Fir Lounge - Very cool music venue place. A lot of my favorite artist plays here.
- Rock n' Rose Vintage Clothing - Want to dress like me? Shop here.
- The Farm Cafe - On my "To Try List". I heard their trout is good.
- Hippo Hardware - I always want to buy something here for the house. Always find good items.
- Fouteen30 Contemporary - Cool art gallery featuring local artist.
- Nationale - This shop has many cool stuff.
- Le Pigeon - Looks expensive but the reviews makes me want to try it.
- Rontoms - Another cool hangout place. Their patio is awesome.

I love scooters

Hop scotch anyone?
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