Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chambray Studios

Hi everyone it's official, my site is up and it's called Chambray Studios. I had an opportunity to start my photography business and I'm taking advantage of it and pushing to make this work. Many people have mentioned to me that I should take my talent to the next level and that just pushes me to start Chambray Studios. I focus on specialty photography and my try to incorporate a cinematic look in my work.  Check it out and thanks for the support.

Nob Hill Ops 2

Nob Hill, Uptown, Alphabet District, 23rd street, NW Portland, whatever you want to call it, this area always have something interesting that I end up taking pictures of.  If you're ever wondering what to do in Portland, this area is a good starting point.  

All these small branches make an unusual star pattern.

I love this chalkboard from Urban Outfitters.  I always try to go here whenever I'm in the area and always wanting to buy something.

My favorite socks.

Awesome multi-color wooden bench at Urban Outfitters.

Bear & Hat sticker.

Nice bicycle.

Let's ride. For life!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bridges Over Portland

Portland is called the "City of Bridges" not for fun.  There are 10 bridges in the immediate Portland area that go over the Willamette River.  I have a couple favorite bridges and these are some of them.  The one above is the Fremont bridge and the reason why I love this bridge is because it's one of the tallest bridges and you can see all of Portland and downtown area every time you drive across.  Amazing views.  

You also get another amazing view of Portland from the Marquam bridge which is the other tall bridge other than the Fremont.  There's something about high places that really attract me to it.  The ones below are also the Marquam bridge.

Moop Messenger Bag

For my birthday, Nana got me this awesome messenger bag and it was perfect because I've been looking for a messenger bag for a while but haven't found one that I really like.  She got this bag from etsy and the brand is Moop.  They have awesome handmade bags for women also.  Check them out!!!  This bag is great also because it's a waxed canvas material which means it's very durable and waterproof.  This is great since rain is a big part of Portland.  The bottom line is I love this bag, I'm a big person and this bag is big and has lots of compartments which make me happy. 

Keila in the Park

Hey dog!!

Hey woman!!

Levitation, amazing!!!

Keila loves to be in the park, some thing nature that makes her happy.

And she also likes to blink when I take pictures of her.

What a good day.

London Goods

I was looking at some pictures in older files that I never posted about my awesome finds in London.  Well, here it is.   I got this burlap sack from this awesome store called Labour&Wait in the Old Street/Shoreditch area.   I love this piece because Sheffield happens to be the name of the street that we live in, I realize this after we bought it.

 We got this small vintage hammer and bottle opener from a vendor in the Spitafield Market in Shoreditch

This meter instrument was a part of a WWII British airplane and we got it at the Portabello Market.  Funny thing about this piece was when we were going through customs in Canada, we were held and checked by customs because the bag that this meter was in was flagged for radiation.  Apparently some parts of the meter instrument had radium in it which set off the radiation scanner, at least that was what the case officer told us.  Anyways, the amount of radiation is tiny and not harmful, unless you lick it.  That's what he said. 

We got these old letter press blocks from the Portabello Market.  Can't find them anywhere in Portland.

And finally this manual month and day thing.  I don't exactly now what to call it.  But it's cool though, we got it in Shoreditch.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer of Keila

It's summer, the weather is nice and Keila loves it outside. I think Keila naturally prefer the outdoors and enjoys it very much.  She's such a nice dog, accompanying me in the sidewalk.

Close up shot

Keila dancing with the woman.

Keila doing some people watching in a park in NW Portland.

Keila sleeping outside, I assure you she's ok.


Close Up Test Shots

My close up case study. I have a bad habit of being to far from my subject that I shoot.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alberta Summer Issue

We got a chance to just walk around the Alberta Street neighborhood. We went to this arts and craft supply store called Collage. This typewriter was one of the displays there. There were so many cool things there that Nana and I wanted to buy, but we tried to restrain ourselves. It was hard though.

Another cool bottle in a book display.

See, there were so many cool things we wanted to buy.

After going out of the store, we had a little on the spot photo shoot.

There were these cool flower balls on these really long stems.

Mississippi Street Fair pt. 2

One of the cool things about the fair was that there were three stages for local bands to play in. This one of the the smaller stages, the main stage was in the middle of the street fair. 

Moustache craft vendor. Nice, plus you get a free plant.

This was a cool thrift/vintage clothing place. It's a vendor, but the Wanderlust is actually located in this small trailer and they go all around Portland.  Nana got a cool looking belt here.

This was the view of the street fair looking down towards downtown Portland. I still can't believe how packed the street were. It's like a zoo.

Craft vendor.

Nana and I took some pictures with Keila around the Mississippi neighborhood. I love this place, I wouldn't mind moving to the area someday.

Musician's Alley

Old car.

Red Owls in Mississippi
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