Friday, October 29, 2010

Pok Pok

So finally we tried this Thai place called Pok Pok at Division that supposedly is very good.  At it turns out it was impressive.  This place is not the typical Thai food place because they don't offer the traditional Thai foods, instead they offer the so called street foods of Thailand.  This dish to the left is a beef noodle soup.
This dish is what made Pok Pok famous and got its place in the Food and Wine magazine.  This is the
This is the Muu Sateh.  It was ok.
Any burnt corn is good.  I don't discriminate.
I forgot what this one was called, but good indeed. It's some kind of meat dish.
I love the location of Pok Pok.  I rarely go to Division and every time I do go here, I always wonder why I don't go here more often.  It's cool seeing residential areas having small local commercial in the neighborhood.

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