Thursday, June 30, 2011

London: Carnaby

In London, I did many walks by myself while the family was going shopping.  One of the places I accidentally ran into was Carnaby (SOHO) and the whole area between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.  This area was pretty cool because it was all small roads and alley ways, so there were no cars.  The area consisted of many brand name shops, restaurants, and coffee shops.  It's just a nice place to walk around in, but gets pricey when you go shopping.  

I love this alley.

Fast or Die??

The Lomography store was one of my favorites, they have so many cool things in there.  The wall decor is awesome.

This Levi's Vintage Clothing in Carnaby was another cool store.  Being a big Levi's fan, I had to check out what items they had.  All their clothes are really vintage from the 50's-80's and cost a lot. 

And of course G-Star Raw, my all time-but can't afford-clothing brand.  I try to visit every G-Star clothing store in every place I travel to.   I love the new summer collection.

Carnaby, what a nice place.

Summer Issue

You know summer has arrived in Portland when Farmer's Market start showing up everywhere in the city.  This community of local vendors has an amazing collection of goods made right here in Oregon.  So many friendly people and modern hippies.  This one was at the Park Blocks.

Classic Car.

Some weird swirly thing.

Someone likes fish a lot!!.

The Park Blocks is one of my favorite features of downtown Portland. It's just this collection of about 8 blocks of park in the middle of the city. Lot's of people relaxing from stress and lot's of dogs chasing each other. Nice!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waiting For Food

This year's weather in Portland has been weird and because of that, the summer have been cut shorter and there hasn't been very many sunny days.  So on the days that are sunny, we try to do some grilling on the bbq pit.  And when I do get a chance to grill, Keila is always right besides me waiting faithfully, looking at me with those big eyes, waiting for me to drop some food and throw her pieces of steak.  Smart dog. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Randomly Around Portland

It' nice to get a chance to walk around Portland, it feels like its been forever since I last took the time to just walk around.  As always, I try to look for what looks cool or visually appealing to me.  

Some retro car in the hills.

The back streets of Pearl District with the Fremont Bridge in the background. In the Pearl, I unconsciously always end up in this place.

Lazy days in the Park Blocks at PSU

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

London: Tate Modern

If you like going to museums, then London is the perfect place for you to go.  Most of their museums are free and they're not just some cheap small museums, they're huge and the buildings themselves is a piece of art.  One of the most unique museums I went to in London and possibly my life is the Tate Modern.  If I could have a museum as a place to live in, it would definitely be Tate Modern.  The building itself use to be a power station which was closed down in the 80's.  Now, it's a gallery showing modern collections of art. 

The space above is probably my favorite part of Tate Modern.  It consist of a huge vaulted ceiling with these rectangular slits along the back wall letting light into the space.  This shot right here was used as the Ministry of Arts in the movie Children of Men when Theo was visiting his cousin who lives there.  That was a good movie by the way, definitely one of my all time favorites.

The North entrance of Tate Modern.  Yes people, go enjoy art for free. 

Moustache le Keila

Before our trip to London, Nana made some chocolate moustaches to see if they look good or not for our niece's birthday in London. These were the test shots of the moustaches and we used Keila for our model. It was funny because she couldn't hold still while I was taking the picture and she kept wanting to lick the chocolate. I remember I kept saying "no, no!!!" and "hold still!!" all the time because dogs can't eat chocolate, yet we were putting it right in front of Keila's face. How cruel...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Random Finds

A while ago we happened to pass by the Salvation Army boutique store in Tigard and decided to just look around to see if there was anything cool.  The store is definitely nicer and has a better collection of clothing and goods than Goodwill.  One of the things that I was excited to find was this vintage camera.  It's a Bastman by Kodak Company made in 1910 and came with it's matching leather camera bag.  I don't know exactly how it works but it's definitely a cool item to add to my growing vintage camera collection.  I got it for $25. 

We also found this leather luggage bag in the Goodwill store in the southeast Portland location for $5.

Hawthorne Case Study

A while ago I got an opportunity to shoot at night around Portland.  I decided to go to Hawthorne because I knew people would still be out at night unlike most parts of Portland where it's dead after 8pm.  This is my first time shooting at night and a good chance for me to practice my techniques with light motion.  Overall, I was happy with how the pictures turned out, but still have a lot things to improve on.  My favorite shot is the one above of Hawthorne Bridge, it is one of three of my favorite bridges in Portland.  You can click on the picture to see a better view of the bridge.

This spot if one of my favorite because you can see the buildings in downtown behind Hawthorne.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Always Sunny in Keila's Head

Finally, my owner has their head straight and decided to take me (Keila) out for a nice walk during magic hour. I love walking outside and running through fields of grass, especially when the sun is right in my face. Everything just looks nicer and magical.

Nature is awesome!!!

Sniffing grass is one of my favorite activities to do when I go out on walks. I can sniff for hours, but my owner usually gets bored really fast waiting for me so I never get the chance to sniff for a long time. But someday, I will.

What a good day. I'm a happy dog today.

Portland Ops

It's getting to that time of the year where the weather is slowly starting to warm up in Portland and the weather condition allows me to go around Portland and shoot some interesting things about the city.  The picture above was taken from Goose Hollow.  Definitely one of my favorite spots in Portland. 

Some cool light fixtures in Restoration Hardware in Nob Hill. 

Someone's bottle treasure in uptown. 

The newest part of Portland, Pearl District.  I love the building with parts of the studio space sticking out.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy June Everyone

Hi everyone, this is Keila blogging.  I'm still doing my usual stuff (mostly sleeping).  Anyways, I can't believe it's June already.  I'm so ready for the weather to be nice so I can start walking more often and burn off some pounds that I've been accumulating from hibernation. I heard some talk from my owners about going around Portland and checking out some parks, I hope it will be soon because I love parks; especially trees. 

Current food favorites: Beans and yogurt
Currently listening to: I Sleep on the Floor by Whispering Huskies
Favorite objects to stare at: Squirrels and trees.

Monday, June 13, 2011

London: Portabello Market Duo

In the antiques part of Portabello Market, there were many specialty vintage camera store which just made me drool.  It's not fair that there's no place like this in Portland.  It's amazing how a dealer could have all these old cameras.  I bought one of these cameras just to keep me sane and the cool thing is that it came with the original leather camera bag.

I still can't get over the fact how crowded the streets were that day.  Incredible

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