Friday, October 29, 2010

Gas Works Park

I was looking through old pictures of when I went to Seattle this past August and I came across these pictures that I haven't got a chance to process.  This park is really one of my favorite places to go to in Seattle.  It's just nice to chill out here.  A must for everyone, this park is located in the Fremont neighborhood.

Dog Days

Hi, It's me again Keila.  I like to sleep all day and this is my specialty.  I love sleeping on random things such as hair dryers.  It's my favorite!!!

Pok Pok

So finally we tried this Thai place called Pok Pok at Division that supposedly is very good.  At it turns out it was impressive.  This place is not the typical Thai food place because they don't offer the traditional Thai foods, instead they offer the so called street foods of Thailand.  This dish to the left is a beef noodle soup.
This dish is what made Pok Pok famous and got its place in the Food and Wine magazine.  This is the
This is the Muu Sateh.  It was ok.
Any burnt corn is good.  I don't discriminate.
I forgot what this one was called, but good indeed. It's some kind of meat dish.
I love the location of Pok Pok.  I rarely go to Division and every time I do go here, I always wonder why I don't go here more often.  It's cool seeing residential areas having small local commercial in the neighborhood.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

View from Vista

This series of pictures was taken on the way up to Vista road from Goose Hollow.  Apparently there was a bridge that overlooks downtown Portland.  This picture on the left had a cool view of downtown.  Whoever's backyard porch this belongs to has a really nice view.
View of downtown from bridge on Vista road.  Where the train is in the picture is where I started my hike up to Vista.

This was one of many stairs that led up to Vista road from Goose Hollow.  What a hike.

Goose Hollow to Vista

Last week I decided to randomly explore the Goose Hollow area.  I saw these stairs that eventually led up to vista road which had a cool view point.  A must see for photographers.
Skies.  That was a nice day.
This car is awesome. I want one. 
This is my attempt to use macro shots which I rarely use. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

City Ops 10.5

Above: I saw this cool siding pattern on a church building.  I like how they have different wood textures for each board.
Left:  I thought this vent cover looked cool.  

This is the view from Aeriel Tram deck at Ohsu overlooking the Ross Island bridge.  Traffic stinks.

Goodnight Portland

Portland is so nice at night.  This is the view from my work at Ohsu. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

October Issue

I had a random surge of inspiration last night and decided to design this poster.  Planning to make a huge print and probably hang it in my office.  Cheers.

City Ops 10.4

Here's another series of my obsession with urban photography.  I thought all these pictures had great setups in terms of how they look from a storefront / warehouse / residential perspective.  Another feature of what makes Portland unique.  Location: at Pearl district and around it.

Eco-Urban Issue 2

I love how this tree looked with the weird forming branches.  Location: Park blocks in lower downtown.
I saw this cool bed of all sorts of plant collections at the urban plaza. 
There's something about the way grass looks that makes people want to take pictures of it, including me.
Last days of sun in Portland this past week.  Here comes rain.
Some more cool trees at the Park blocks.

Eco-Urban Issue

This post and the rest of the eco-urban issue posts is dedicated to the short summer we had in Portland.  This field is right next to where I live.  And no I don't live in a farm or in a rural area.  Enjoy!!!

I'm into this phase where I like to take pictures against the sun.  It always makes an unpredictable effect in every shot.

The sparrow conflict.

Sunshine in the leaves.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall is Here

We had a nice walk around our neighborhood enjoying the weather while it was transitioning to fall.  Keila loves the leaves and tried to eat some.  Fall is definitely here.  Happy October!!!
Nana and Keila enjoying the leaves.
 Keila likes to pose. 
Happy dog.  Happy dog.

Bike Issue 10.4

I love this vintage bike.  Location: Pearl District
This bike looks like the novelty type, it almost has that vintage look.
The next 2 bikes are my favorite types of bikes.  If I were to buy one, it would be one of these.
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