Saturday, November 27, 2010

Street Roots

Lonely cup
Old Town, Portland

Crack Press
Old Town, Portland
Old Town, Portland

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love mixing the sky with small urban elements in a picture.  Reminds me of just how small we are compared to the vast sky.  Location: Old Town, Portland.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Violetta @ Directors Park

A couple weeks ago, we got to try Violetta at the Directors Park in downtown.  It's on Yamhill behind the Fox Tower building.  In the day time and especially during summer, it's almost always fully packed. 
I love the atmosphere of the place. A bit chilly but cozy in the same time.  Love the wood paneling on the ceiling, even the floor is a part of the the concrete from outside. 
The menu.
The 1/2 lb Violetta burger.  I heard from many sources that it was good.  And it is, but it's only my opinion. 
Sweet Potato Fries.  So good, the seasoning is perfect.
Portland is so nice at night, well at least this area.  We went here with our good friends Adi & Ingrid.
I had no idea that there are cool neon lights on the ceiling until that night. I usually see this area in the day time.

G-Star Raw Jacket

First of all, G-Star is my favorite brand.  Second, I can't believe I found one at Goodwill, at the Cedar Hill location.  Unfortunately it wasn't my size though.  As I showed this jacket to Nana, I thought it would be a cool jacket for her.  It turns out it looked good on her.  We got it for $15.  This kind of jacket would cost well over $250 at retail stores. 

Upper Old Town

This series is interesting because I haven't been to this area before by foot.  I was totally lost and not knowing where I was.  But I ran into a lot of cool things.  I like the arch shape under the bridge. 
I don't know if it's a functional water tower, but it's cool that they still have this structure today.  I've only seen them in old western movies. 

Above:  I love bridges and train tracks (Left).  Reminds me of random things from my childhood.  Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lights, Camera!!!

 Well, this is not a camera, but it's a part of my camera and video collection.  I found this Yashica Super-40, 35mm movie camera from Goodwill for $1.  Made in Japan, f=8-36, f/1.8.
 Same as above.
This is a Kodak Instamatic M28, 25mm lens, f:27, made in U.S. movie camera. 
Last but not least, my beloved Lomo.  It's the Minitar 1 series made in Russia.  1:28, 32mm lens.  LC-A Compact Automat.  Still trying to fully figure out how it works. 

Random Sightings Around SW Portland

I would love to take my camera up there.
Unfinished wall.
Wooden books at Canoe.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prints On The City

I came across these random prints on the wall and on wine crates that I thought was cool looking.
 Produit De France

Dog, Eat, Sleep.

I always chuckle every time I see Keila sleep.  For some reason she's always somehow attached to her stuffed animals: Mr. Bear, and Ms. Cow. 
Eat then sleep.  Perfect day for Keila.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Waterfront Ave.

A couple weeks ago when it was nice, I got a chance to explore the waterfront are in downtown which I rarely go to.  I've forgotten how nice of a walk waterfront is and its a good stress reliever to walk there.  Watching people, boats, and the clouds..   you get the idea. 

Above:  Naito Parkway with Marquam Hill on the background.  I love watching cars in the afternoon, it's someone soothing for me.

Left:  I was walking in the waterfront, and all of the sudden I see these weird looking rocks.  Kind of cool.
 Hawthorne bridge is just a nice place to walk around and a great place to take pictures.  But watch out for bicyclist, I almost got ran over a couple times.

Below:  Walk on the front.   

Maya's Awesomeness

This past weekend, we got a chance to eat at Maya's Taquiera on 10th & Morrison.  Luckily when we got here it wasn't too busy.  Usually it's pretty full, or at least every time I pass by it on the weekdays it is.  Anyways, I heard from a couple friends that it was also good.   The place is awesome and it feels like my second home.
The tortilla soup is perfect when it is raining and cold outside.  Love the crunchy tortilla.
Carnitas taco is the best.  This is a must for full on meat eaters like me.  Put a little of the salsa that they have to give a little spicy zing to the taste. 
The carne asada is also awesome.  I thought about carne asada again later that night. 
Oh the glory!!!
What a perfect dinner.  The woman and I eating tacos and sitting right by the window.
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