Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bike Issue 12.2

Goose Hollow
Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Around King Hill

I had a chance to walk around the King Hill area, the part of downtown Portland that most people never walk around in because it's just mostly a residential area.  But I actually find the area to be interesting and historical.  There were many old houses that are a part of the Historical Society.  Other than that, there were details that I find interesting.  

Abici Italia + Brooks

I saw this awesome European bicycle in Anthropologie as one of their displays.  The seat is an English brand called Brooks.  I like it because it has that vintage look to it though its probably not that old. 
The brand of the bicycle is Abici Italia made in Italy.  The model is the Sveltina Donna.  It's definitely a cool bicycle. 

City Ops 02

These stickers are all over Portland.  Propaganda?

The train station near my place. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project Snowman

Along with the previous train project post.  We made this snowman as well.  It's primarily made of pretzels for the arm and to connect the bodies, sugar powdered doughnut centers for the bodies and orange candy cones for the nose.  Surprisingly, the snowman was harder to make than the trains.  Maybe it's because my hands are huge.
The snowman was a hit as well.  All the kids wanted to eat it. 

Uptown Monkey

I saw this monkey art on the building of the Brooklyn Industry store.  I wonder if it's still up there.  Usually the city tries to erase graffiti artwork asap. 

Product Ops

Here are some more cool things I saw in Anthropologie.  I like the huge letters.

I like the "bagno" sign.  But it's $24 for that small sign.

Pearl Ops

Winter Hawthorne

Monday, December 27, 2010

Typography Ops

Above:  I ran into this French restaurant called Le Happy that I've never been to before.  I've always heard about it but never knew where it was.  I was walking around Nob Hill near the Pearl and bam, there it was.  I will definitely try it someday. 

Left:  Letters.  It was on the door of Le Happy.
Maison.  This looked like a cool European inspired decor/furniture/interior design store.  I didn't get a chance to go inside, but looks like a cool place to check out.  Their client list is impressive.

Below:  Nortel.  It was on a crate in some parking lot. 

To the North

I got a chance to go to the Northern part of Pearl District where many of the original warehouse are still in its original state and not transformed into a loft or store.  It's great to see a glimpse of what the Pearl use to be like.

Fremont Bridge entry bordering between Pearl District and Nob Hill.
Love the logo.

Product Heaven

I've only recently started to appreciate the intelligent and eclectic decor of Anthropologie.  I found out that many of their decor are actually from flea markets from many parts of the world.
Though it's a women's store, their vintage/flea market inspired products is eye catching and makes you want to buy it.

I wouldn't mind re-doing my house with their style. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pearl in the Fall

I am fortunate to get this one nice day last week in December.  So I decided to walk around the part of Pearl District that I've never been before. 
Looking down on 11th street + Overton
Looking down on 12th street + Overton.  12th street is probably my favorite street to walk around in the Pearl.  Many small unique stores and coffee shops. 
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