Friday, April 29, 2011


One of the best breakfast/brunch/lunch places I've ever been to in my whole life is Egg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Apparently this place is a legend in the area, beating out every other similar types of places by far in terms of the online reviews from yelp and urbanspoon.   While their official online name is Pig and Egg, the simpler Egg is what they use in reality.  The first thing that comes into mind when I stepped into the place was a library that serves breakfast and coffee.  It was a good thing we went here on the weekday where the wait to get it wasn't so bad.  It would be a different story if we went during the weekend, some reviewers online said they waited up to an hour.  Ay!!!  

The atmosphere of the place is great and the type of people that came to eat here are my type of people; borderline hippies, they would fit perfectly in Portland. The waiters are friendly and the place is very cozy. The room itself in narrow and long with an awesome shelving system along the back wall with some books and bottles.  I would like to probably decor my office like this someday.  Other than that, the place has a very organic feel also with natural wood tables and chairs.  I wouldn't mind living here, maybe next time I'll just bring a sleeping bag and camp out in the middle of their business hour.

The coffee was also very good, it was probably one of the best coffee I've ever had and I wanted to ask what kind of coffee they served but keep forgetting to ask. I don't know if it was because it was served in a French press that made the coffee taste good or if it was the ratio with the cream and sugar that made it good. But the point was that it was awesome, that one cup made my day and experience so much better. This is another reason why I want to live in this place.

And finally to the main dish that we had. Nana ordered the Fried Chicken that came with biscuit and collard greens. The chicken is awesome, it had that natural brown crispy fried skin taste that makes chicken so goodelicious. 

I ordered the Eggs Rothko which was an over easy egg served with cheese on top of bread.  This dish is what makes Egg very famous and I agree with the reviews.  The taste of the egg with the toasted bread is just perfect.  If I could, I would eat this for breakfast everyday.  The dish came with a ball of hash brown, tomatoes, and bacon.  Yum!!!

Oh Egg, I wish you would open in Portland and make my life easier.

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