Saturday, June 11, 2011

London: Notting Hill

On the first Saturday of our trip to London, my sister in law took us to Portabello Market which is one of the biggest and well-known markets in London.  So before we can reached Portabello Market, we stopped in the Notting Hill station by the tube and walked about four blocks to reach Portabello Road which it isn't even the start of the actual market.  Overall, the whole market from end to end is about two miles and it took us literally the whole day to reach the other end of the market because of all the people coming out on Saturday.  But the experience is amazing, I personally was excited to go here because I have heard that they had many vintage items such as vintage cameras.  I ended up getting a couple cool things with some interesting stories behind it which I will post later.  Other than than, if for some reason you end up in London, you will want to visit Portabello Market for the experience. 

Nice small streets, just the way I like it.

Some bicycle action in London. 

Here is another Bansky piece I saw in Portabello Road.  

Some guy rocking blue pants.  I like his scarf though.

There were many street musicians in Portabello Road.  

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