Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alder Food Cart Pod

My wife and I had a chance to go visit the Alder Food Cart Pod in downtown Portland with a good friend.  It's a Friday night and the weather is warm, not too hot and there is a light breeze.  When we got there, we were starving so everything looked good.  The bad thing was this pod is one of the biggest community of food carts in Portland, so picking a place was hectic.  

 My friend Cath got this Hong Kong style chicken with rice.

My wife got this pad thai for $5 and the portion was huge.  Plus it was really spicy also which I like very much.

At that time I was craving Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food so I got this beef gyro which was ok.  I've had better and bigger gyros for the same price.

As I was eating my gyro, I looked up and saw El Rodeo starring at me. Whoa.

After we finished our food, we got bubble tea from Easy Day.  They were pretty good.

While waiting for our bubble tea drinks to come out, I saw this kid eating like a true Portlander, right under a tree on the street. Nice.

I had to take a picture of this sign.  It's awesome.

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