Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage Goods

Last week we went to Goodwill Outlet, twice!!!  These are the items that we got the first time we went there. We went there with my sister also and she got some pretty cool things as well.  I'll post some pictures of her stuff later.  To the left are a mix of vintage plus old children books that would look good as a decor.  In terms of looks, I like the Wild Kitty book because it has that vintage look.  Stuart Little and C.S. Lewis's The Voyage of the Dawn Treader are classics.  But my favorite is the Bureau of Ships, Navy Department guide book from the 60's.  Just for a buck. 
We got this wool bundle made in England.  I like the packaging a lot. 
Letters and chips.  Pure decor purposes. 
We found this letter dating back to 1976.  This dude wrote the letter to his woman from Korea.  Awww.
Nana found this vintage leather bag.  It looks really cool and would probably use it someday. 
More French mail envelopes. 
Nana found this old looking frame and I found the luggage.  The two smaller ones were inside the big one, so it was a surprise when I opened it and found out they were inside. 
The Olive & Cocoa box was founded for us by my sister.  Anyways, here is the total collection we got from Goodwill Outlet.  The outlet may be our new favorite store.

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