Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hawthorne Heights

Last week Nana, Keila and I had a chance to hang out in the Hawthorne neighborhood.  We walked around and checked some stores, hung out in Fat Straw and finally ended on a high note in the top of Hawthorne which is a part of Mt. Tabor.  This series are some pictures from Mt. Tabor overlooking Hawthorne Blvd.  I love the downtown in the background of Hawthorne.
Nana and Keila as models.  I love Keila's expression when she saw me. 
 Flora on a branch.
Nana wearing the G-Star jacket we found in Goodwill.  It's in one of the Goodwill post in November
Going for a power walk while it's 35degrees outside.  Cold!!!
Keila always enjoy walking around Portland.  Especially in SE Portland because there are lots of squirrels in the area.
On the blur.

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