Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Morning London

After a long trip with delays going to London, it was nice to wake up to a nice sunrise in London.

Our room had these cool letters above our bed, very cool.

We stayed at Nana's sister's place in North London by Green Lanes.  I love the window frames behind the couch.  They have many cool items which I adore.

We were stuck in the Barbican tube station, we waited forever for the Circle line to come so we could go to Tower Hill.   Apparently we found out later that the Circle line is one of the worst lines in London.  So we tried to avoid this line for the rest of our trip.

Coming out of Tower Hill, this building was the first thing that caught my eye. Finally, something cool to take pictures of. Unfortunately I didn't know what this building was called or used for, but definitely cool though.

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