Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graphic USA

When we were in New York, we had a chance to attend a local book launch event for the design book Graphic USA.  It was cool because we got to see many local designers from New York and as well as the ones that contributed to the book.  The launch took place in the local Cherner Design studio in SOHO and I immediately wanted to live there.  The studio was so cool with many books on the wall, simple layout and all the design gadgetry you can possibly dream of.  Graphic USA was designed by my sister in law, Lisa and Joana from Studio April which they did an amazing job with the book.  The book provides sort of a locals or an artsy person's perspective guide to many major cities in the states and Portland is also in it.  Great book, awesome design, check it out. 

It was a cool event, we got to meet many of the locals and overall cool people.  The book is great, and also check out their previous Graphic Europe book also. 

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