Friday, May 6, 2011

Goodwill Finds in May

Here are some cool items that we found in Goodwill this month.  Above is this cool decorative cup with the number nine on it.  I was really excited that I found this piece because we actually found the same exact cup with a number two on it about a year ago at Anthropologie.  All they had at that time was number two, and we found the number nine now.  Cool.  We got this cup for $1.99.

We also found this cool jug that we used as a decor and my favorite part of it is the word one litre on it.  We got this for $2.99.

Last we found this cool off white plant looking wall decor. We didn't know at first how to incorporate it into our place, so we just stuck it on our fireplace mantel and it actually turned out nice. So there you go. We got it for $2.99.

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