Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Last Thursday

A while ago I had a chance to go to an event called Last Thursday in the Alberta Arts District which is held in the last Thursday of every month. Duh.  This event is mostly a summer thing ending with it's last street closure event on September.  Last Thursdays have came a long way since it started a some years ago.  When I first attended Last Thursday back in 2005, it was only a handful of art and craft vendors and only stretching about 2 blocks in Alberta.  Now the streets are closed off and has grown well over 10 blocks filled with food truck, arts, craft, food, thrift vendors and musicians on every block.  I think it's a good experience to go here and enjoy the culture in Portland.  But be careful, when it gets dark the scene turns into a night club with crowds of people dancing to either rap or electronic music.  Next time I would only enjoy going here when there the light is still out. Overall though, I enjoy the city so I find Last Thursdays very interesting.

 Some dude dancing for world peace.

 Compost tea anyone?

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