Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beaumont Village

Beaumont Village holds a special place in my heart and definitely one of those places where I have lots of memories from in Portland.  Located in the heart of NE Portland and located on Fremont Street, Beaumont Village is a cozy neighborhood and one of the few places left where everyone knows everybody in the neighborhood.  This area is special because I use to work in the area for a good three years, in that time I met a lot of good people and friends. Though Beaumont Village isn't as big or as well developed as other neighborhoods like Alberta or Hawthorne, the village still has some awesome places to offer to you if you happen to be in the area. 

Here are some of my favorite places in Beaumont Village:
Red Fig - I use to go eat here 4 times a week, the teriyaki burger with peanut sauce is so good.
Amalfi's - their owner Kiauna is very nice.  The pizza here is one of the best in Portland.
Bumblekiss - the bacon tacos and swiss burger are awesome
Jim & Patty's Coffee (The original Coffee People) - yes people, still wanting Coffee People, just go here. 
Alameda Cafe - great breakfast and lunch cafe
Ristretto Roasters - this is their original location.  Their coffee is awesome.
Tuk Tuk - very good thai food here and portions are big.  The pad kee mao and lemongrass chicken is a must
Alameda Brewhouse - my favorite here is the seven barrel burger
Stanich's - you ever want to try giant burgers, then go here. The "special" and "glady's" are my favorites.
Eclectic Kitchen - they have good breakfast food here, my favorite is the country burrito.


Red Fig

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