Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Community Corner

There are many neighborhoods in Portland that are pretty well hidden from the average Portlander because traffic is low and the way to these places get very confusing really fast, but what you find are these tight knit communities where most of the neighbors know each other.  Not the "know each other" like saying hi only when passing by, but they actually hang out with each other.  Some neighbors plant vegetables together in the community garden, some have scheduled afternoon get-togethers, and some hang out in the community corner to talk or to take a break and read a book.  I've seen a couple of these community corners before in SE Portland and I've recently stumbled upon this one in SW Portland.  I'll never reveal the exact location of these corners because they should only belong to those neighbors that built it.  Last, I love the little details like the decorations the neighbors leave in this corner.  It's pretty cool.


I love these kinds of places. 

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