Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pine State Changed My Life!!!

This past weekend we got a chance to try out one of our many must-eat food hangouts in Portland: Pine State Biscuits.  We found out about this place from the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives at the Food Network. 
I love the feel of the place, it's very cozy and has that typical SE Portland atmosphere.  From eclectic decor to local artwork, this place feels like my second home.  I wouldn't mind sleeping here and eat their biscuits all night.  I might as well just bring a sleeping bag and guitar next time I go here.

Love the artworks on the wall.
Enjoying the moment and thinking what I should order next time I come here.
The Reggie Deluxe, a wonderful fried chicken biscuit sandwich with eggs, bacon, cheese  and gravy.  This is a must for first timers.

The Moneyball...delish gravy over biscuit topped with egg.

The aftermath and ready for my afternoon nap. 
Pine State, we heart you.  We will definitely come back here and eat more gravy and biscuits.  I think it's cool that the place is a part of the house behind it.  Only in Portland.

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