Monday, November 1, 2010

Stumptown Coffee & Fall

Fall with the verge of cold weather is the perfect time to catch up on some really good coffee.  Portland is great because it's home to some of the greatest coffee roasting companies one of which is absolutely my favorite; Stumptown Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  
A little history lesson about Portland: supposedly Portland got its name from a coin flip between Stumptown and Portland.  Thats often time locals refer Portland as  Stumptown.  And the name Stumptown came literally from all the stumps that was the result of the urbanization of Portland.  
Enough with the history of Portland.  I love the Guatemala Finca of Stumptown Coffee because it has a whole medium body taste with hints of roasty characteristic in the background.  Really good stuff.  A must for those visiting Portland.

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