Monday, November 15, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

We started our Goodwill hunting journey a few months ago.  We try to hit up all the locations including the outlets to see what kind of cool things we can use for decor or functional purposes.  All these finds were from the 185th location in Beaverton.  To the left is a cool vintage camera I got for $12.99.  I don't know what the brand is, but it's a 35mm and it says Super Sillette-CK on the lens, and made in Germany.
Nana found this cool thing, but don't know what it's for.  So we decided to use it as a candle holder.  It's currently being sprayed white.  Cost: $1.99
A coffee bean jar for $2.99.  I like it because it's actually from Peets Coffee & Tea.  

Reindeer decor for $2.99.  It's originally from Pier Imports and sold for $20.  I know this because it still has the original sticker on the under side.  Saved $17. 
This was really weird and random, but really cool.  Printer inks!!!!.   The whole lot would cost over $50 at Office Depot.  Got it for $3.99. 
Bronze decor ball for $.99.  It just looks cool.  Tune back for more Goodwill bargains!!!

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  1. and it fits your printer! good find! love love love being thrifty!


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