Friday, November 19, 2010

Waterfront Ave.

A couple weeks ago when it was nice, I got a chance to explore the waterfront are in downtown which I rarely go to.  I've forgotten how nice of a walk waterfront is and its a good stress reliever to walk there.  Watching people, boats, and the clouds..   you get the idea. 

Above:  Naito Parkway with Marquam Hill on the background.  I love watching cars in the afternoon, it's someone soothing for me.

Left:  I was walking in the waterfront, and all of the sudden I see these weird looking rocks.  Kind of cool.
 Hawthorne bridge is just a nice place to walk around and a great place to take pictures.  But watch out for bicyclist, I almost got ran over a couple times.

Below:  Walk on the front.   

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