Monday, November 22, 2010

Violetta @ Directors Park

A couple weeks ago, we got to try Violetta at the Directors Park in downtown.  It's on Yamhill behind the Fox Tower building.  In the day time and especially during summer, it's almost always fully packed. 
I love the atmosphere of the place. A bit chilly but cozy in the same time.  Love the wood paneling on the ceiling, even the floor is a part of the the concrete from outside. 
The menu.
The 1/2 lb Violetta burger.  I heard from many sources that it was good.  And it is, but it's only my opinion. 
Sweet Potato Fries.  So good, the seasoning is perfect.
Portland is so nice at night, well at least this area.  We went here with our good friends Adi & Ingrid.
I had no idea that there are cool neon lights on the ceiling until that night. I usually see this area in the day time.

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