Saturday, June 11, 2011

London: Camden pt. Duo

The market and the more exciting part of Camden is an are called Camden Lock.  The have small stores, coffee shops, eateries and overall just an interesting place to go to.  This part of London had older buildings so it has that grunge feeling, but then again that's the kind of thing I enjoy. 


Some cool decor in a charity shop.

The area above is where Camden Lock, the market part of Camden starts.  You can tell because you start seeing all these street vendors everywhere.

Camden lock is just this huge complex of small stores selling an eclectic collection of clothes, vintage items, leather bags, jewelery and unique stuff.  It's exactly like the Saturday Market in Portland but just bigger and it's opened seven days a week.

They had these pools where you put your feet it and the fishes inside eat away dirt and dead skin off your foot so you can have healthy foot.  Gross.

The food area is a collection of fish & chips, asian, indian, turkish food and many more.  I love this area because there was a canal right by the area so people just eat there and they place where you eat be the canal had moped seats as your seating place.  Love it. 

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