Monday, June 13, 2011

London: Portabello Market Uno

Portabello Market in London was another one of my favorite places I went to.  Especially the part of the market where there were many antique vendors and stores.  I could just bring a sleeping bag and live in Portabello Market; that is how much I love that place.  There were definitely many vintage and antiques items that I wanted to get, some were affordable while some were quite expensive.  Some of the items I purchased was a vintage camera and old printing letter blocks.  In the picture above, there was a store called Stumper&Fielding which is a cool clothing/items store.  Mostly I like their name, very similar to Random&Keila.

Again, the whole day we were there, the streets were constantly crowded like in the picture above. Incredible.

There were seven sections that make up Portabello Market.  It took us the whole day to reach the end of the market. 

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