Wednesday, June 22, 2011

London: Tate Modern

If you like going to museums, then London is the perfect place for you to go.  Most of their museums are free and they're not just some cheap small museums, they're huge and the buildings themselves is a piece of art.  One of the most unique museums I went to in London and possibly my life is the Tate Modern.  If I could have a museum as a place to live in, it would definitely be Tate Modern.  The building itself use to be a power station which was closed down in the 80's.  Now, it's a gallery showing modern collections of art. 

The space above is probably my favorite part of Tate Modern.  It consist of a huge vaulted ceiling with these rectangular slits along the back wall letting light into the space.  This shot right here was used as the Ministry of Arts in the movie Children of Men when Theo was visiting his cousin who lives there.  That was a good movie by the way, definitely one of my all time favorites.

The North entrance of Tate Modern.  Yes people, go enjoy art for free. 

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