Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post Junk Festival

The Plucky Maidens Junk Fest was awesome.  I would definitely come back next year.  We had a good day and Keila also had an awesome time at the Edgefield.  Below are the things we bought that day.

We didn't get this at the Junk Fest but we found it at a flower shop that was closing down in downtown Montavilla.  We got this awesome ammunition box that supposedly came from the Army.  This piece belonged to the flower shop owner's brother.  Her brother mentioned to her that the Army threw away all the ammunition boxes because they have no use for them other than for transportation.  So he brought a couple boxes home and we ended up buying this one for $5.

We came home from the Junk Fest buying these rare vintage mason jars, the one made with the blue hue.  I love the bigger one a lot because we can never find them from all our adventures of mason jar hunting.   We got the small one for $7 and the bigger one for $8.50.  Love it.

Keila chilling on the grass while I was taking pictures of our finds that day.  

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