Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mississippi Field Guide

Here are some of my favorite stores that I usually always check out when I'm in the Mississippi Avenue area. I really like unique decor pieces for my house so I usually like to go to many home/decor stores. This store with the live birds above is called Flutter, they are a specialty home goods carrying very random pieces like books, posters, cards, letter blocks, carpet, mirrors, frames, etc.. you get the point.  I like them because they don't carry normal stuff, they have unique items you can't find anywhere else in Portland. The wombat card and the chandelier are also from Flutter.

Manifesto is another cool store that I usually go to, they are one of many collection of worthy independent  shoe store to visit in Portland if you don't like big retail chains. They carry women's and men's shoes, hats, bags, and accessories.  I always want to buy boots when I come here.

Last but not least is Porch Light, a very cool home goods/furnishing/vintage store. They are currently my all time favorite store of any kind to go to in Portland. If you are into cool home pieces or thinking about giving more character to your home, Porch Light is the best place to find items to do so. Some of their items that I always like to look at are old bicycles, window frames and shutters, vintage books, old boxes, ball jars (the blue ones), chairs, crates, tables.  I would live in their store if  possible. That's how much I like the store.

Many cool items like vintage maps.

They also have vintage cameras, you have to be quick though because they sell very well.

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