Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Sounds

A while ago, I had the opportunity to attend a family Sunday bbq.  This type of gathering was different from any other bbq because growing up my family always gathered with other close families almost every weekend and had a good time with each other accompanied with food and singing.  Basically, I miss this feeling of a simpler time from my childhood where there was very good traditional Indonesian food, fruit drinks and just an awesome time with old timers poking jokes at each other and laughing my guts out while listening to them.  I really miss the food a lot, above is a prime example of what I ate very often growing up, traditional marinated sate (chicken skewer).  Below you might notice that I take many pictures of kids because they remind me of what I experienced when going to these gatherings when I was younger. What a great day to end the week.

 Love the hat.

 I was playing hide and seek with these two kids through the screen window.

I love the expression he has as he runs around the yard.

 In action.

 Good old singing

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