Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Train Project

Nana was asked to make some decoration for a kid's event and decided to make a train display.  The project seems simple from the pictures that we looked at, but this project is definitely not an easy one and definitely not a kid's activity.  The whole project took us about 3+ hours to finish.
The trains are primarily made from brownies as the base and several different things for the top part.  The last train on the left consist of a swiss roll and some sprinkles on the top.  The train after that had Hersey's bar as to hold the M&M's.  The trees is made from rice crispy treats molded to a tree shape, and sprinkled with powdered sugar to give the snow effect.  The grass is from shredded coconut with green food coloring.  And rock candy for the rock.  You get the idea.

Gumdrop tree!!!.  Just use gumdrops with tootpicks and stick it to the cone-shape styrofoam.
Success!!! Everyone liked the train project.  It was supposed to be eaten by the kids, but the event planners decided the last minute to keep it intact.  Sorry kids.

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  1. did these get eaten yet? btw you guys did a great job!


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