Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mississippi Street Fair pt. 2

One of the cool things about the fair was that there were three stages for local bands to play in. This one of the the smaller stages, the main stage was in the middle of the street fair. 

Moustache craft vendor. Nice, plus you get a free plant.

This was a cool thrift/vintage clothing place. It's a vendor, but the Wanderlust is actually located in this small trailer and they go all around Portland.  Nana got a cool looking belt here.

This was the view of the street fair looking down towards downtown Portland. I still can't believe how packed the street were. It's like a zoo.

Craft vendor.

Nana and I took some pictures with Keila around the Mississippi neighborhood. I love this place, I wouldn't mind moving to the area someday.

Musician's Alley

Old car.

Red Owls in Mississippi

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