Tuesday, August 9, 2011

North Williams Shops

One of the shops in the Lincoln building in Williams Ave in North Portland is called Ristretto Roasters.  This is probably one of many of the coolest coffee shops in Portland.  I've been waiting to find a cool coffee shop that has a garage door style front that opens up during nice weather and I've finally found it.  The coffee is good, the people were friendly though my ice mocha came out after five people behind me got their orders first.  Anyways, the atmosphere of the coffee shop is very relaxing.  Most of the people that came in the time I was there was waiting to go eat at Tasty n Sons which was at the other side of the building.  That's why we were there also, nice.

Other shops worth checking out in the area are:
- Ink&Peat - an awesome floral and home goods store.
- Lodekka - vintage clothing in a double decker bus.
- Tasty n Sons - great brunch place
- Eat: An Oyster Bar - cajun cuisine
- Lincoln - very cool restaurant and good too
- Pix Patisserie - awesome dessert place
- Spielwerks Toys - one of the coolest children's toy store I have been to.

I love their menu board.

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