Friday, August 26, 2011

London Goods

I was looking at some pictures in older files that I never posted about my awesome finds in London.  Well, here it is.   I got this burlap sack from this awesome store called Labour&Wait in the Old Street/Shoreditch area.   I love this piece because Sheffield happens to be the name of the street that we live in, I realize this after we bought it.

 We got this small vintage hammer and bottle opener from a vendor in the Spitafield Market in Shoreditch

This meter instrument was a part of a WWII British airplane and we got it at the Portabello Market.  Funny thing about this piece was when we were going through customs in Canada, we were held and checked by customs because the bag that this meter was in was flagged for radiation.  Apparently some parts of the meter instrument had radium in it which set off the radiation scanner, at least that was what the case officer told us.  Anyways, the amount of radiation is tiny and not harmful, unless you lick it.  That's what he said. 

We got these old letter press blocks from the Portabello Market.  Can't find them anywhere in Portland.

And finally this manual month and day thing.  I don't exactly now what to call it.  But it's cool though, we got it in Shoreditch.

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