Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mississippi Street Fair

The coolest event of the year in Portland is definitely the Mississippi Street Fair located in the Historical Mississippi Ave in North Portland.  The street itself has a good collection of coffee shops, eats, local clothing store, and vintage stores.  The street fair expects around 30,000 people to come along this five block stretch of street.  All I can say is that this was a must for people who think Portland is boring.  Unfortunately the street fair is only a one time thing per year.  So don't miss it next year, it will probably be even bigger than this year's event.

There were many types of vendors in the Mississippi street fair.  Jewelry were among the most popular while there were also clothing vendors, handmade leather bag vendors, arts and craft vendors, you get the point.

Some store were nice enough to provide water, Keila was tired from all the excitement and from meeting new dog friends.  

Nana looking at some vintage clothing.

 Cool building.

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