Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mexican Secret in Alberta

In the heart of Alberta Arts District (well close to it around 29th St.) lies an awesome authentic Mexican food joint.  La Sirenita is by far my most favorite Mexican food places of all time. 
The carnitas(pork) is what keeps me coming back here.  This carnitas changed my life.  From all the carnitas I've tried all over Portland, their carnitas is the best.  Fried, salty but not too salty, and the best part is the crispiness of the pork.  Dangerous for your health but ok if you eat it once in a while. 
What I do is just order a side plate of meat(carnitas) for $3 and a side of corn tortilla (~$1.50).  They provide free cooked onions out on the counter and all you do is make your own tacos.  A plate of carnitas makes about 5-6 tacos.
I wish I can live in the Alberta Art District.  I would go here four times a week.
The place is awesome and very raw.  There's a small TV which usually has a soccer game showing.  If you go there at nights, the chefs in the back crank up the spanish radio station and start singing.  No one else does this.  Just an awesome place. Ay!!!!

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