Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Border of Uptown

Since the weather this summer has been awkward, I try to take advantage of a nice day and just walk around Portland, especially to the parts I've never been to. One of the areas I never really go to is the area pass NW 23rd street. This area is more specifically between Uptown (23rd street) and the Industrial District towards the north. The neighborhood is this interesting combination of high-end old historical home, warehouses, and a bit of industrial buildings. 

This area has a collection of cool places to eat at, most of which are in my forever growing "To Eat List."

Here are some of the places to go to in the area:
- Dragonfly Coffee House - This is a cool place to hangout and a sip of coffee.
- Stepping Stone Cafe - Never been here but was feature on the Travel Channel.  Hopefully I'll go here soon.
- Saint Honore Boulangerie - An awesome French bakery/cafe. 
- Kenny and Zuke's Delicatessen - If you are a sandwich person, you should go here.  Many choices.
- Besaw's - On my "To Eat List." Every time I pass this place, it's always packed.  Packed means good.

Paper Tree

On the porch.

Industrial Water Tower

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