Sunday, July 24, 2011

Williams Ave Ops

A while ago my family and I had a chance to check out a part of Portland that we've never been to.  Initially, my sister suggested we try a new restaurant in the area and I thought what a great opportunity to explore the area also.   The Williams avenue area is located in North Portland in the Boise Neighborhood.  I never even knew such a inter-urban development took place in a place like Williams ave.  The area I'm talking about is a good two and a half block stretch of restaurants, stores and coffee shops. 

Me and the woman in some cool looking brick wall.

I like the random red double-triangles shapes in this building front.

This place is called Eat: An Oyster Bar.  They have a pretty good size crowd in the weekends, I plan to try Eat pretty soon.  Below is another view of the restaurant.

A cool lighting display at Ink&Peat. There were many decor pieces that I really like at this store.

Pix Patisserie is an awesome dessert hang out place.  They are one of my favorite places to go to in Portland.  This is their second location, their original location is on Division.

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