Monday, July 18, 2011

21 Nob Hill

One of many awesome streets to walk around in Portland is 21st street in Nob Hill which is located in Northwest Portland. Make sure you go on the north side of Burnside on 21st street and not the south part. Originally this area use to be residential only but in the past twenty years, it has developed into a street filled with restaurants, coffee shops, little book stores, bike shops, etc... you get the point. This funny chihuahua above was chilling in one of many coffee shops with its owner.

This coffee shop above is one of my favorites in this street, it's called the Coffee Time.  It's just an awesome place to hang out with your friends and chill, they open late and their coffee is awesome.  I use to go to this place a lot when I was in college.

Here are some of my other favorite restaurants/shops in the area:
- Melt - This place has some awesome burgers, my favorite is the Mushroom Swiss Burger.
- Paley's Place - It's on my "To Eat List" and heard so many good things about this place.  It has a whopping  400 reviews online but very pricy.
- Ken's Artisan Bakery - A nice bakery with good pastries.
- Blue Moon Tavern & Grill - An awesome place for good food and pool tables.

- Serratto - A mediterranean restaurant, it's not for everyone but very good if you like this type of food.  A bit pricy also but well worth it for me.
- Portland Modern - This place is a nice furniture place.  Very modern and they carry many cool items. 

Some cool pipes.

Daedalus Books is a great place to find books, Portland certainly has an interesting collection of items.

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