Saturday, July 9, 2011

La Petite Provence

My wife and I are in this phase of exploring Portland and going to the places we've never been too.  One of the areas that we went to was Division.  We went along Division from about 60th avenue down towards downtown and stopped at every place that looks interesting; I find that this method is the best way of finding cool new places in Portland. 

What we found so far in Division is that there are many vintage/thrift stores, at least a couple food cart communities, cool home goods/furniture stores and some of the best restaurants in Portland.  For me Division is like one of Portland's best kept secret, maybe because I rarely go to this area.  Anyways, while we were exploring the street we passed by this European looking cafe, all black looking with yellow accents.  We walked pass the entrance a couple times to see what the place was and it turned out to be La Petite Provence.  We have heard of the place before and thought there was only one in the Alberta location, but here in Division also?  It turns out that they have four locations including this one, so we had to check it out.

The place is cozy, the atmosphere is very relaxing and the food looks very delicious.  All of their decor instantly reminded me of Europe, even the people working there had accents.  The place was packed with people enjoying the weekend and the food. 

Before going into Petite Provence, we had our lunch just up the street at Pizzicato Pizza because we were really hungry.  So going to eat a second lunch within an hour was really pushing it but we just had to try this place.  La Petite Provence is famous for their French Onion Soup so we ordered a cup of soup and for dessert we tried Monkey Love since it was highly recommended by the staff that was helping us.  

The French Onion Soup is probably one of the best soup I've had in my life.  The texture was smooth, the onion wasn't too funky that it makes you choke.  The best part of the soup was the cheese along the top because it was crispy.  I thought about this soup for the rest of the week and can't wait until I go there again.  The Monkey Love is also awesome,  it has a coconut cream in the inside with banana covered with chocolate goodness.  This was also another desert that will always forever be in my heart.   I highly recommend this place and my journey continues as I cross another place off from my official "Places To Eat in Portland" list.
I wish La Petite Provence would open in Beaverton, that would be great.

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