Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Water Avenue

This year, we decided to try to go out to the parts of Portland that we usually never go to.  Just to see the side of the city that we've never seen before.  Plus when I was younger, driving all over Portland was my favorite thing to do.  So it's nice to this again.

We stopped by Water Avenue which is in the East side of the Willamette, right across from downtown Portland; technically this area is called Buckman, SE Portland.  This area has many old buildings and warehouses.  There's not too much commercial businesses here but there is a new movement inner-city development of turning areas like this into businesses like restaurants and coffee shops.  I'm pretty sure in a couple years, there will be more business showing up here.  Also, OMSI is there, who doesn't love OMSI

Some of my favorite places in the area are:
- Montage - an awesome eclectic restaurant.
- Produce Row Cafe - nice late night restaurant/bar hang out place
- Water Avenue Coffee - good coffee, cool place
- Coava Coffee Roasters - very cool place and atmosphere
- Clarklewis Restaurant - on my official "To Eat" list of restaurants this year.  I always hear good things about   this place

 The woman enjoying the area.

We finally decided to stop and try this place called Water Avenue Coffee.  It's been at least a year of passing by this coffee shop and every time we pass by it, I always say "we should try this place." 

The interior of the Water Avenue Coffee is awesome.  The place has a modern feel mixed with a retro accents, the perfect combination.   I love the shelving system they have behind the counter with many coffee memorabilia as decor.  Nice.  Unfortunately, at that time the staff wasn't too friendly.  But I would come here again. 

The menu is simple and the coffee is awesome, it's in my top list of good coffee in Portland.

Good dog!!!  He was watching us the whole time we were there.

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