Saturday, July 9, 2011

Division Ops

Division is such an awesome place to explore, we passed it by a couple times before just to see potential stores we can to by to and found that there were many thrift/vintage clothing stores all along Division.  This thrift store that we went to was called Bearly Worn.  They had some pretty good stuff here and the time we went there, they had a sale on top of their regular prices because they were going out of business.  It's unfortunate they had to close.  We found a couple cool items here.  Nana found a red vintage shirt and a G-Star shirt.  I found a G-Star jeans for $6.  Nice.

The woman and the dog exploring Division.


An awesome picture of meat. I was attracted to the sign.

There was this old sign/board of a bicycle shop, I wanted to take it but it was soaking wet. 

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