Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hardware & Architectural

This store called Hardware & Architectural is by far one of the coolest and probably my most favorite store in Portland.  We found this store as a part of our phase of exploring the Richmond neighborhood in Division.  This type of store is what I've been looking for in Portland and I'm glad it's here.  It's not a new store but very cool indeed.  This place reminds me of a flea market in New York, all of the items they carry are exactly alike.  Some things they carry are vintage looking items like bottles, signs, clocks, furniture and even vintage cameras.  The moment I went into the place, I felt like I was a little chap going into a candy store, drooling, starring at items in awe and drooling again. Yeah, this place is that awesome!!!

I love this fender piece, they had it in front of the store.

There are some many unique and interesting items here.  My wife had to hold me from buying many items that were cool.

 Many of the light fixtures are custom made by a guy that works in the store.

The store is huge, there is a whole second section in the back of the store which carried the bigger items such as window frames, doors, and wooden sectionals like the picture above.  This is my all time current favorite store in Portland.  Check it out!!!

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