Saturday, July 9, 2011

London: Old Street / Shoreditch

One of my favorite areas that we went to while we were in London was this triangular area in between the Old Street Station, Brick Lane and the Boundary Estate circle.  This area was pretty cool because there were many public displays of art everywhere, like this dude floating on a cloud below.  The buildings were a combination of new and old industrial-turned-into commercial buildings which featured many stores and studios.  It turns out that this area also houses many of the major design firms in London so that was pretty cool.  Anyways, there were many material for me to take pictures of in this area which made me happy. 

I love this store front display.

Nana with the public arts.

One thing that I noticed that London has way more of compared to the U.S. is that there are CCTV security cameras in every single block of London. I'm not familiar with the crime rate at all or if people are just very protective of their property, but there are so many of them. I'm shocked at how many I saw, I'm even afraid of jay walking. Well, just kidding, everyone jay walked in London.

I love this piece. Nice.

One of the coolest and most favorite store that we went to in London was this store called Labour and Wait.  This store had an awesome collection of home goods and unique items.  We bought several stuff here which I will post later.  But hats off to this store, truly an awesome store. I wouldn't mind having a house which looks like the Labour and Wait. 

The woman in the city.

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